Faq afbeelding


How does a letter carver work?

Each letter is hand designed. A design is transferred from the paper to the stone with old-fashioned carbon paper. Next, letter by letter is carved with hammer and chisel. Afterwards the letters are sometimes hand-painted.

Are commissions delivered and installed?

You can choose whether you will pick up the work or if it is delivered to your door. Larger work (such as tombstones, inauguration stones, ...) is usually placed by a fixed stonemason where Maud Bekaert cooperates with, you can also do it yourself if you want to.

Each idea can be worked out?

Commissions that occur most frequently are: name plates, gravestones, inauguration stones, birthstones, wedding pebbles and house numbers. As it is unique and personalized work, almost every idea can be worked out as long as it's technically feasible.